Industry-Leading Engineering

When your operation demands the flexibility that a towable system provides, Reinke can meet your requirements with a broad range of towable models - all built with our hallmarks of strength and flexibility.

The Reinke Pivot Center

Resistant to Stress, Corrosion and Stands The Test of Time

Let’s design a pivot center from scratch. It starts with Grade A materials that never need to be overbuilt and are engineered to withstand the stress and force exerted on them by the pivot system in all field conditions. We’ll use heavy-duty, heavy-wall, full-sweep top and bottom elbows that signifi cantly reduce turbulence and improve water flow. Electrical components will be protected by superior corrosion-resistant enclosures. Finally, we'll add a unique hook-and-receiver pipe joint connection to handle challenging terrain. In the end, it will turn out exactly like the one we’ve created at Reinke. Visually different, but undeniably better.

Industry-Leading Engineering

The Single Leg Tower

Lighter Yet Stronger.

When Reinke introduced the fi rst Electrogator back in 1968, it was built with a double-leg tower similar to what our competitors use today. Soon after, we developed the single-leg tower and have continued down that innovative path — while everyone else stayed put. The result?

  • A wider tower base for increased stability
  • Absorbs more stress at the tower and does not transfer it directly to the water pipe
  • Reduced component fatigue to maximize system life
  • Less intrusive structure improves water application at the tower and causes less disturbance to taller crops
  • Increased flotation for better performance
Industry-Leading Engineering

Our Hook-And-Receiver Joint

Unlike Anything Else In The Industry

The most efficient place to rotate within a cylinder is directly in the center, which is exactly where we placed our hook-and-receiver joint. It enables maximum flexibility across challenging terrain. Even when the span needs to roll slightly, it won’t affect alignment. Plus, the internal joint allows the boot to flex without being excessively stretched, furthering longevity.

Does this system affect water flow? The answer is yes, a little. But according to a Clemson University study, it’s minimal. The competition also has additional friction loss due to invasive pipe features like T-gaskets, flowdrilled couplers and misshapen span water hose connections. Again, it’s superior engineering that creates yet another benefit to your operation.

Industry-Leading Engineering

Our Patented V-Ring Seal

Banishes UV Rays for Life

There are so many benefits to our V-ring seal, we can’t believe it hasn’t been copied like many of our other innovations. First, each seal is securely set inside the pipe and is completely protected from the deteriorating effects of UV light. We’re so confident in this design we’ve guaranteed it for 25 years.

Next, unlike the competitor’s T-gasket that is sandwiched between two flanges, the Reinke V-ring seal creates stronger, flange-to-flange contact (instead of flange-plastic-flange) and combines the strength of two connected steel flanges (instead of interrupting the strength of steel with a plastic T-gasket). Plus, connected flanges won’t sag or settle and create potential weak spots that mean future repairs.

Finally, the V-ring seal leaves a smooth internal pipe surface while every T-gasket has an internal lip that disrupts water flow at every connection. In every manner possible, the Reinke V-ring seal system is just a better way of connecting pipe.

Industry-Leading Engineering

The Double-Walled Tower Box

It Can't Get Any Better

Reinke’s exclusive double-walled tower box provides a moisture-free environment for electrical components — it’s the last place you’ll ever find condensation. Its high quality, UV-resistant materials and unique design make for the strongest, longest lasting tower box in the industry. Finally, thanks to a mechanical safety interlock, no one can remove the cover without first disconnecting power to the tower.

Industry-Leading Engineering

Sprinkler Outlets

Every part matters. That’s why we weld high-strength 3/4,” tapered, half couplers to our high-strength steel water pipe and even go a step beyond this and weld 3/4,” tapered, stainless steel couplers to our chromium nickel water pipe. Unlike flow-drilled couplers, welds never disrupt water flow and are inherently stronger.

Industry-Leading Engineering

Spans Engineered For High Performance

Reinke spans provide a standard 57” outlet spacing (40” optional), capable of producing application uniformities as much as 98% or more. 

The water pipe is supported by high-strength, roll-formed, truss assemblies, spaced every 19 feet (not 20 or 22 feet like some competitive machines) for even load distribution and strength. The truss rods (5/8” or 3/4" diameter) are universal in length and made of high-strength, low-alloy steel. Engineered for maximum strength and minimum weight, the Reinke system is by design, the most efficient irrigation system in the industry.

Industry-Leading Engineering