Sprinklers and Pressure Regulators

Reinke has always offered only the best sprinkler products to provide a multitude of droplet sizes and pattern widths using advanced rotary, offset axis rotary and fixed spray sprinkler technologies best suited for the specific crop or application.

Sprinkler Options

Whether you use our standard water pipe with 57” sprinkler outlet spacing or our LEPA (Low Energy Precision Application) water pipe with 40”sprinkler outlet spacing, we have the sprinkler products available that are capable of generating desired application rates. By utilizing a variety of plates, operating pressures, mounting heights and sprinkler spacing we can custom design a sprinkler package to fit virtually every field.

Sprinklers and Pressure Regulators

Pressure Regulators

Pressure regulators eliminate the pressure variation at the sprinkler nozzle caused by:

  • Variations in available water supply
  • Elevation changes within the field
  • Fluctuations in demand such as end guns and swing arm corners

Pressure regulators are also useful for reducing higher pressures near the pivot point where the sprinkler nozzles are the smallest, thus minimizing plugging, wind drift and evaporation. They are required for use with many of the sprinkler options that have been engineered for operating pressures within a specific range, for optimum water application, extended life of the product and ultimately increased yield.

Sprinklers and Pressure Regulators

Drops and Sprinkler Accessories

As always, Reinke also offers a wider variety of sprinkler mounting components to customize your system to your specific needs. Contact us for more information.

End Guns and Booster Pumps

End guns are an economical way to add profitable acres to your farm operation. The optimum operating pressure for an end gun can range between 40 and 70 psi and is based largely on the nozzle size of the end gun which is determined by the system length, total system flow (gpm), operating pressure and the distance of throw or effective coverage of the end gun.

Reinke understands the importance of efficiency. That’s why we locate the booster pump at the end gun with full sweep elbows to minimize the costly friction loss and additional weighty components associated with mounting the booster pump at the end tower.

Sprinklers and Pressure Regulators